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A late start for fmx cause Cutter was still on a snow bike till late March. Then, he drove all the way to Oklahoma to train with Murray fmx at the beginning of April. They trained and worked out together, on dirt and in the foam pit but unfortunately Cutter went down hard and broke his tibia and fibula. He had to go to many hospital and rest for 6 months. There’s not much you can do when you’re in a cast on crutches. He restarted working out when he was still on crutches. He bought a new bike and started riding tracks and trails right when the doc said ok! He was far behind on his freestyle trick list but managed to work a completely new project and executed a back flip with a side by side Maverick X3!! Check it out on his Youtube Channel!


An outstanding season for Cutter with a great jumpstart from the beginning of the year with a new bike from West End Sports, and a trip of three months to Las Vegas! right in January from riding at the PSC compound in Vegas for 3 months with riders Paul Smith, Mike Mason, Les Parsons Brett Cue and much more. 


A remarkable year for the rider! Cutter starts the year in Georgia USA with an intense training to improve some of his tricks and to get ready for the upcoming season. Back in Canada, he’s been in plenty of outstanding shows and events.  More than 11 000 people cheered him up at an event in the Colisée Pepsi. In five months, he has performed in more than 43 shows in 16 different events.

Here is a detailed list of the events he has been featured in 2014 :

04/26/2014 Monster & FMX Spectacular Olympic Stadium, Montréal QC
05/10/2014 Monster Spectacular Colisée Pepsi, Québec QC
05/24/2014 Monster Spectacular Canadian Tire Center, Ottawa ON
05/30/2014 Soirée Moto Xtreme Grégoire Sport, Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes QC
05/31/2014 Pure Adrenaline Arenacross, Bathurst NB
06/06/2014 Super Party Camionneur, Ferme-Neuve QC
06/14/2014 Milot Land Tour, Drummondville QC
06/21/2014 Fête de la St-Jean, Sainte-Gertrude QC
07/03/2014 to 07/12/2014 ExpoTR, Exposition Agricole, Trois-Rivières QC
07/19/2014 100e de la ville d’Amos, Amos QC
07/26/2014 Cayer Fest, Limoges ON
07/27/2014 CMRC Motocross Nationals, Deschambault QC
08/03/2014 CMRC Motocross Nationals, Moncton NB
08/22/2014 Party Annuel PLX Sport, St-Eustache QC
08/23/2014 Milot Land Tour, Charlevoix QC
08/31/2014 Foire du Camionneur, Barraute QC


A striking year! Being the second year with the Milot Land Tour and being among the best freestyle motocross riders in Québec, he has performed into the Monster Jam, the Monster Spectacular and Supercross Québec events across the country. In total, he has been featured in 55 shows into 20 events.


Official start of his career with the Milot Land Tour. He executed his stunts in front of thousands of people into 33 shows throughout the summer. Season’s got cut short from a wrong gap mesure info and a broken foot.

His goals

Cutter thinks about the future and he fixed himself few short and long term goals. Here is an overview of his future projects that certainly will be impressive.

Short term goals :

  • Be featuring in the most possible shows
  • Improve his tricks execution
  • Perform the Seat grab flip on any kind of ramp

Long term goals :

  • Perform into international shows
  • Invent a new freestyle trick
  • Promote his passion into some competitions
  • Built Cutter fmx as a trademark


Cutter has been into many accidents, he has reported 14 bones fractures and a couple unreported!